Waverley Grants to Local Businesses Hit by Lock-Down

The following may be of interest small businesses in and around Hambledon. More details are available on the Waverley Borough Council website, and on its social media feeds.

Businesses that provide services in person to customers can now apply for the Local Restrictions Support Grant.

Businesses will be eligible if they provide services in person to customers from their premises, are required to close due to the government’s national lockdown from 5th November until 2nd December and  have a Business Rates account.

Waverley Borough Council staff have once again been redeployed to focus resources on making the software and operational changes required to process the grant claims from local businesses.

Under the scheme, businesses can receive between £1,334 and £3,000 for the 28 days. Further information and an application form is available at www.waverley.gov.uk/lrsgrant.

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