A New Parish Councillor For Hambledon

Hambledon Parish Council has welcomed a new co-opted member to its ranks.

Alison Scott-Bishop is joining to replace Mike Parry, who has stood down after almost nine years.

The next local council elections are not due to be held until 2023. No requests were received for a by-election, enabling the parish council to co-opt a replacement. The process was duly advertised and two villagers registered their interest.

Ali Scott-Bishop and Jane Moore were considered at the parish council meeting held on December 1st on the basis of written submissions. Councillors said that it was a difficult choice as both had a proven track record of public service to the local community and were clearly suitable.

Ali, pictured below, was chosen on the basis of immediate availability and Jane was asked if she would consider putting her name forward again if a further vacancy should arise.

At the same meeting, Mike Parry was thanked for the dedication and sound judgement he has brought to the council since joining in 2012.

Chairman John Anderson has paid this tribute:

“Mike has used his professional skills and expertise as a civil engineer for the maintenance of hedges and ditches, byways and bridlepaths, footpaths and the village green.  Working with Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and local contractors, he has kept a weather eye and helped to maintain these facilities for all of us.  He has worked within budgeting limits and at all times kept a calm, reasoned and professional manner.

He brought this same expertise to the Alms houses where, as parish council Trustee, he has been responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of these two special properties. He has been a valuable member of the HPC, and we shall miss his quiet authoritative manner.”

Mike has received a signed card and a gift of wine in appreciation. He said: “I have enjoyed my time on the Parish Council and hope I have been able to put something back into the village, as I have taken so much from being part of our great community.”

Ali Scott-Bishop will take up her role in January. She and husband Tony have lived in the area for 21 years and moved to Hambledon in 2008. Her career is in financial services regulation, and she has worked in senior positions in banking and the London Stock Exchange before becoming Head of Compliance and Legal for a start-up stock exchange, based in Guildford.

She is currently the chair of Hambledon Village Shop management committee and, with husband Tony, has volunteered around the village, including at the fete. She said: “I am keen for the village to continue to thrive and to retain some of its essential characteristics, but I recognise that this does not mean it should be preserved in aspic. Change is essential to ensure the village continues to meet the needs of, and remains accessible to, a broad range of residents”.



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susannah Carrick cooke
susannah Carrick cooke
2 months ago

Sorry to see Mike go, but very glad that Ali is stepping up

Gill Darbyshire
Gill Darbyshire
2 months ago

Thank you to Mike for all your hard work over the past decade on the council, for the alms houses and as a key member of the shop maintenance team. We’ve all benefitted so much from your efforts. Enjoy taking your phone off the hook! And good luck to Alison playing a role in another village institution – thank you.

Steve M
Steve M
2 months ago

Ali, Thank you for taking on these responsibilities for our community.