Improve Our Footpaths – Your Views Required

Surrey County Council is seeking input in to developing their Rights of Way Improvement Plan. This sets out how public rights of way meet the needs of the public, now and in the future. The current Rights of Way Improvement Plan dates from 2014 and needs to be reviewed.

Surrey County Council is responsible for around 2164 miles (3482 km) of public rights of way. These paths are both in the countryside and urban areas. They are important for enjoying and exploring, for travelling to work or school and for health and wellbeing. They are part of what makes Surrey a special place to live, work and enjoy.

A public right of way is a path that anyone, by law, has the right to use. There are four types:

  • Footpaths for walking, mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs
  • Bridleways for walking, horse riding, cycling, mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs
  • Restricted byways for walking, horse riding, cycling, mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs and horse-drawn carriages
  • Byways for all modes including motorised vehicles

Surrey County Council have asked for your feedback by filling in on online form located here before the 10th March. Your feedback will help to develop the priorities and actions of the new Rights of Way Improvement Plan, which will be produced in 2024.

Such feedback could include but is not limited to the following:

  • Gaps between almost adjacent public rights of way
  • Sections of Footpaths, Bridleways and Byways that for periods during the year can become all but impassable to those on foot
  • Sections, where if a landowner could be persuaded to dedicate a parallel route through, say, a field, then the public right of way could avoid a busy or dangerous road
  • Locations where a public right of way is severed and either has poor sight-lines or is busy / has fast traffic, that could benefit from being bridged
  • Readily accessible locations where a PROW could be improved to be free of obstacles.

More information can be found at the Surrey County Council homepage located here.

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Nick root
Nick root
1 month ago

I would much prefer the council to cut back vegetation on the roads so you can see better and not scratch your car so often. Long lasting pot hole mending not the current sticky plaster would be good. I’ve noticed drivers are happier to have head on collisions rather than going through pot holes☹️

Helena Hockridge
Helena Hockridge
1 month ago

There doesn’t appear to be a link provided to complete the SCC on-line form. I presume that they want suggestions for improvements to be made on bridleways or paths both within and outside the Parish boundaries…Hambledon Ramblers will make a few suggestions, including the section through Hambledon Hurst of By Way 199 through to The Winterton Pub which is a quagmire for much of the year and FP 188 from behind St Dominics School up to Hill Top Farm.

1 month ago
Reply to  Robin McKeith

Thanks, Robin. I have completed the survey for myself and on behalf of Hambledon Ramblers but it is far more general than I was led to believe. I have mentioned the following in terms of suggested improvements to the public rights of way network: Better maintenance – clearance of undergrowth, tree debris and surface repairs. Cutting hedgerows, clearing vegetation so that footpath connections are more visible for both walkers and drivers Signposting eg. direction and distance. Checks to ensure posts are still standing. Warnings for car-drivers to slow up where paths cross busy roads. Re-surfacing or provision of board-walks where… Read more »