The Hambledon Village Show 2015 Winners


The Hambledon Village Show, held on Saturday 5th September, proved very popular with almost all 60 categories being hotly contested. Congratulations to the prize winners listed below and many thanks to Andy Falk and Nessie Alexander for all their hard work in organising the show.

This years Best in Show prize went to Katherine Frogley for her scrumptious carrot cake.


Photos of most of the prize winning exhibits are on the Village Facebook Page.

Full List of winners:

Flower Section

1  1 flowered rose, with own foliage    1st Gill Hubsch   2nd Ursula Cooke
2 3 flowered roses, one or more varieties    1st Campbell   2nd Audrey Monk
3 3 dahlias, medium or small, any type     1st Helen Noorduyn   2nd Mike Henderson
4 1 sunflower
5 3 stems Marigolds, any type     1st Campbell   2nd Julie Steele

6 6 stems Sweet Pea    1st Mary Grove   2nd John Hindley
7 3 stems of any flower not mentioned in this section          1st Gill Darbyshire   2nd Cross
8 3 stems of any berrying or flowering shrub, any variety     1st Campbell   2nd Campbell
9 A fuschia plant in a pot not exceeding 8 inches     1st Mary Grove
10 A geranium in a pot not exceeding 8 inches
11 A begonia in a pot not exceeding 8 inches
12 Any other flowering plant in a pot not exceeding 8 in    1st Sheelagh Vacher
13 A foliage plant in a pot not exceeding 8 inches     1st Audrey Monk

Vegetable Section

14 5 potatoes, one variety     1st Hugo Alexander   2nd Ged Hockridge
15 5 carrots     1st Ged Hockridge   2nd Mary Caroe
16 5 onions     1st Arthur Blackman   2nd Hugo Alexander
17 3 beetroot     1st Hugo Alexander   2nd Ged Hockridge
18 3 parsnips     1st Hugo Alexander
19 3 leeks, trimmed     1st Hugo Alexander
20 8 runner beans     1st Mike Henderson   2nd Rebecca Overy

21 8 French beans     1st John & Jacqueline Hindley   2nd Mike Henderson
22 5 cherry tomatoes     1st Mike Henderson   2nd Jean Talman
23 5 tomatoes     1st Arthur Blackman   2nd Cross


24 3 courgettes, between 4 inch & 6 inch long     1st Mary Caroe
25 1 cucumber     1st Paul Lewington   2nd Mary Caroe
26 1 marrow not exceeding 15 inch in length     1st Hugo ALexander   2nd Jo Hinsley
27 2 globe artichokes     1st Hugo Alexander
28 2 peppers  (any colour)     1st Lauren Clutterbuck   2nd Hugo Alexander
29 2 Any other vegetables     1st Ged Hockridge   2nd Mary Caroe

Fruit Section

30 5 figs     1st Cross
31 5 plums, one variety     1st Mary Caroe   2nd No name
32 5 pears, one variety     1st Falk   2nd Cross
33 5 dessert apples, one variety     1st Julie Steele   2nd Harrison
34 5 cooking apples, one variety     1st Jon Petersen   2nd Jon Petersen
35 Any other fruit exhibited on a plate     1st Elizabeth Waring   2nd Mary Caroe
36 Any berried fruit exhibited on a plate     1st John & Jacqueline Hindley  2nd No name


Miscellaneous Section

37 Largest marrow or pumpkin     1st Hugo Alexander   2nd Mary Caroe
38 Largest runner bean     1st Arthur Blackman   2nd Paul Vacher
39 Largest potato     1st Fourboys   2nd Hugo Alexander
40 A freak shaped vegetable     1st Mary Caroe   2nd Hugo Alexander

41 A bouquet of fresh herbs (minimum 3 varieties)  1st Helen Noorduyn  2nd Audrey Monk
42 1 Animal created from fruit and or vegetables

Floral Art Section

43 An arrangement in a tea cup and saucer     1st Christie McEntire   2nd Mary Parker

Cake Section

44 Home made Carrot Cake (any size/shape)  1st Katherine Frogley 2nd Sheelagh Vacher
45 4 Home made plain scones     1st Mary Parker   2nd Fiona Wilson


Jam Section

46 Home made Strawberry Jam in a jar     1st Sally Falk   2nd Mary Parker
47 Home made Raspberry Jam in a jar     1st Jenny Henderson   2nd Jaqueline Hindley

Photo Section

48 Your own photo of aspects of ‘Hambledon Landmarks’     1st Martyn Grove    2nd Coral Flexman
49 Your own photo of ‘Smiley Faces’     1st Rachel Hockridge   2nd Mary Grove


Knitting Section

51 An item of baby clothing

Children’s Section – 12 years and under

52 Garden in a tray
53 4 home made decorated biscuits
54 Largest sunflower     1st Henry Alexander
55 3 decorated cup-cakes     1st Rosie Edenborough   2nd Lottie Alexander     Highly Commended Charlie Edenborough


56 1 Animal created from fruit and or vegetables     1st Lorenzo Ulrich   2nd Henry and Lottie Alexander


Children’s  Section – 8 years and under

57 Garden in a tray
58 3 home made decorated biscuits     1st Molly Frogley   2nd Sophie Frogley

59 Lego model of your choice and design, no bigger than A4 (NB not straight from the shop)

Children’s  Section – 5 years and under

60 Mustard and/or cress

61 A smiling villager

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Gill Darbyshire
Gill Darbyshire(@gilldarbyshire)
6 years ago

Well done everyone! Brilliant turn out this year. Thanks to Andrew and Nessa for dreaming up 60 categories and organising the whole thing. Did you sneak in that 61st category Jon just to see if anyone would read to the end? 😉