Vacancy at Hambledon Almshouses

Notice of Vacancy at Hambledon Almshouses in Malthouse Lane,   Hambledon, Surrey  GU8 4HH

Applications are invited to fill the vacancy that has now arisen at Russett  Cottage (No.2 Almshouse). This is for a recently renovated and modernised semi-detached, one-bedroomed almshouse.  Applications are invited from single persons or couples who have lived in Hambledon at any time for at least 2 years.

Application Forms are available on request from Andy Falk (Chair of the Hambledon Almshouses Trustees), Shipton Hill, Woodlands Road, Hambledon GU8 4HL, tel 01428 683863, who would be happy to speak in confidence with anyone considering making an application, if they wish.

Completed Application Forms must be received by 31 July 2018.

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