Serious Collision at Hydestile Crossroads

A collision between two cars at the Hydestile Crossroads today (Tuesday January 29th) resulted in one overturning and the other receiving extensive front-end damage. No one was hurt.

The accident occurred during the busy morning peak period when temperatures were below freezing.

The overturned vehicle came to rest on its roof on the Hambledon Road. The other was at the junction with the crossroads, in Salt Lane. The Bargate stone wall of Hydestile Farmhouse was partly demolished in the collision.

Police were swiftly on the scene, attending to the occupants of the cars and directing traffic. Although shocked, no one needed medical treatment.

The road remained open and the vehicles were recovered by 11am.

This is the latest of many accidents at the Hydestile Crossroads and comes at a time when Hambledon Parish Council is pressing police and Surrey County Council Highway Department to consider road safety measures along Hambledon Road, from Hydestile to Lane End.



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Isabel Mason
Isabel Mason
2 years ago

Hydestile Crossroads has always been an accident hotspot. This is the second time we have had our wall at Hydestile Farmhouse knocked down. the fact that no one was injured is a miracle and we are thankful. But something needs to be done for sure.

R davis
R davis
2 years ago

I live on this road and the speed of traffic is frightening and with no pavement or lighting its dangerous for anyone on foot. We have a number of bridleways that cross this area and its amazing no one has been hurt badly. I have been almost hit twice on foot once having to get in the ditch once to avoid collision. Speed cameras and a reduced limit needed and make it non hgv.

Web master
2 years ago
Reply to  R davis

R Davis – you may be interested in a petition to address these issues: