The local hero and the swan

Recently we heard about another animal rescue by Graham Cornick at Hydestile Resident Animals.   Graham tells the story:

“We had a phone call about a Swan on the A3, when Paul and I arrived the Police had coned off one lane which made the rescue a lot safer, so Paul and I climb down into the ditch and I managed to untangle him the bramble he had fallen into (the Swan that is not Paul), we then got him into the Swan bag, Paul scrambled to the top of the ditch and carried the Swan to the car, meanwhile I’m still in the ditch, the kind policeman held his hand down to me and managed to (drag) help me to the top, I said “thanks I can’t believe I’m doing this at 75” and he said “You’re our hero mate” that’s a first! a police officer calling me a hero.

Sadly the brother to the Swan was killed on the other carriage way, the one we rescued is doing fine. “

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