Cub Scouts Returning to the Village Hall.

We have the very exciting news that from January 2020 a Cub Scout pack will be meeting in the Village Hall every Friday evening during term time.

Busbridge and Godalming Cubs have been very oversubscribed for a while and are now pleased to be starting a new pack in Hambledon. Whilst a lot of places will be taken up with children from their existing waiting list, there are currently still places available. It is open to girls and boys aged from seven and a half to ten years old.

This is fantastic news for a village without a school where opportunities for children to get together are, naturally, limited. Of course Cubs and Brownies did used to meet regularly at the village hall and there are ex Cubs and Brownies amongst us. However, no one  seems to know exactly how long it is since Cubs have met at the Hall  so we would be very grateful to hear from anyone who knows!

For all enquiries and to put younger children on the waiting list, please email Busbridge Scouts here.

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