Lockdown – a glimpse from history

Suffering long term isolation and lockdown is not so rare an imposition as you may think for residents of our area. Not too many years ago the two institutions of King George V Hospital Hydestile and Milford Hospital were home to 100’s of patients suffering from Tuberculosis.

H Ward 1952

Many were consigned to bed rest for years with tales of their creative ways to occupy their time whilst being treated for a disease that could be fatal and for which the treatment was often disfiguring and dangerous. Of the many former patients and staff I have spoken to, nearly all fondly regarded their time in these sanatoria – “The atmosphere was like a very big family”. The contained communities at both hospitals created many life long friendships beyond the time of their incarceration.

We have recently received a copy of the photo album of two patients at Milford Hospital – they met there in the 1950’s. Click here to see their photographs and short biographies give a fascinating insight to the world beyond the chain link fences.

You can find more about the TB hospitals here.

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