Hambledon Fashion Show – Important Message!

Hambledon Fashion Show is on Thursday, September 14th which is two weeks tomorrow. Ticket sales are slow at the moment which is not unusual at this point for Hambledon events when there’s always a flurry of ticket sales right at the end. However, this time it’s a bit different as in order for the show to go ahead the company running it need us to have sold at least 40 tickets by next Thursday, Sept 7th. If you’re planning on coming then we really need you to buy your tickets as soon as possible, please, so that we don’t have to cancel.

Everyone who has been before will know what a great fun evening it is so tell your friends, buy your tickets and come along to have a great night out, buy some bargain clothes and support Hambledon’s very own lovely catwalk models!

Tickets £7 at the village shop.

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