It’s that time of year when those of us who have horses and other livestock, would love your help to keep them safe around Guy Fawkes night. Last year with your support and everyone’s diligence in the village, we were extremely thankful that none of us had any accidents or vets visits (some will remember we had a horse that nearly died from being spooked by fireworks in 2021). So please, again this year, we ask for your help to publicise and perhaps educate those who are not aware of the inherent risk from fireworks being set off near horses and livestock. It really can cause terrible tragedy. There are several stables in the village, that due to the current mild weather, have horses, including foals out at night in the fields. We really appreciate your support again.

Thank you on behalf of all the horses and livestock owners Sarah Morris (Hydon Farm) and Julie Davis (Daremead)

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