Heating Oil Syndicate For Hambledon?

ImageWould you be interested in joining a Hambledon heating oil syndicate?

As the cost of domestic heating oil continues to rise, it has come to the attention of the parish council that a small number of residents are considering joining together to reduce the cost of heating oil purchase.

As with all commodities in life, the supply of heating oil is fixed by the supplier on a daily rate based on demand. The larger the quantity you can order at any one time influences the rate you pay.

The parish council would like to establish the demand among residents who use oil for a syndicate to negotiate with suppliers for a better rate.

A number of issues must be overcome: the main obstacle being synchronizing the supply for 2 refills per year. However, following initial discussions with a number of suppliers, cost saving of between 3 – 5p a litre can be obtained. This would equate to approximately £60-100 per person saving per year based on 2000 L usage.

If a syndicate scheme is of interest to enough residents, we will arrange a meeting in the near future to discuss the proposal in more detail.

As an initial expression of interest please contact Mike Whittall on 01483 869933 or email him atm.whittall@archatech.co.uk