Hambledon Midsummer Festival 2018 Fund Raising

We are now in a position to announce the funds raised by the Hambledon Midsummer Festival held on 22-24 June 2018 and how they will be distributed.

As of today, a total of £11,500 has been raised (after expenses) and is available for distribution, a further £3,000 may be forthcoming. 

£700 of the £11,500 available will be retained to cover any unforeseen expenses associated with the weekend. The remaining £10,800 will be distributed as follows:


£500 to Citizens Advice Bureau
£500 to Hope for Children
£500 to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice
£500 to Surrey Search & Rescue
£500 to a victim of the Hambledon House Fire (already distributed)

Village Organisations

£2,000 to Hambledon Cricket Club
£2,000 to Hambledon Football Club
£2,000 to Hambledon Village Hall
£2,000 to Hambledon Village Shop
£300 to cover Cricket Green Insurance

The donation to Hambledon Village Hall will be used to fund a new soak-away to alleviate drainage problems, with any surplus going towards repainting the interior of the Hall. The donation to Hambledon Village Shop will help fund their project to replace kitchen equipment and domestic grade cabinetry with stainless steel, professional standard equipment, the total cost of this project is estimated to be around £5,500.

5 thoughts on “Hambledon Midsummer Festival 2018 Fund Raising

  1. Awesome work ! Many congratulations to the organizers, and many thanks to all those who turned out to help on the day. What a weekend it was, roll on 2020!

  2. Fantastic job by the Fete Committee and everyone else involved in the 3 days – a weekend to remember. And a brilliant result to have raised so much. On behalf of the Village Shop, thank you very much for sharing the funds with us – the money will be put to very good use!

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