Proposed ban on HGVs in Hambledon and Surrounds – Have Your Say

Heavy goods vehicles using the village’s narrow lanes as a cut through could soon be a thing of the past as Surrey County Council proposes an exclusion zone which will include all of Hambledon, Hydestile and Vann.

Hambledon Parish Council has lobbied SCC on this issue over many years, calling for measures to restrict HGV movements unless making local deliveries. In addition, Paul Osborne, a Hydestile resident living on Salt Lane, a rural route blighted by HGVs, has tirelessly campaigned on the issue, providing compelling evidence of inappropriate use by large lorries.

In recent years, Kevin Deanus, our ward county councillor, has taken the issue up at County Hall, pressing for an enforceable ban.

Finally, we have a result. SCC Highways Department has picked up on the issue and, after extensive research, has published details of the proposed exclusion zone. Hambledon Parish Council has already responded positively to the proposal and residents have the opportunity to express their own support, objection or comment. Details of how to do this can be found at the end of this article.

In order to ensure that, in banning HGVs from Hambledon’s lanes, the menace of large lorries on unsuitable roads is not pushed onto nearby villages, SCC highways planners are proposing an area-wide ban aimed at stopping cut throughs on lanes linking the A3, A283 and A281.

Any heavy commercial vehicle exceeding 7.5 tonnes will be barred from the zone The only exclusions are for the emergency services, works and maintenance, refuse collection and local deliveries. Businesses operating within the zone are exempt.

HGV drivers will be confronted with red NO HGV signs at entry points such as Station Lane at Milford, Tuesley Lane, Wormley Lane and Lane End into Hambledon village and, further afield, Brighton Road in Godalming, and the A281 on the approach to Dunsfold and Hascombe.

Unlike the current blue “unsuitable for heavy goods vehicle” signs, which are only advisory, unenforceable and widely ignored, drivers will face fines and possible prosecution if they ignore the red signs.

Hambledon Parish Council welcomes this proposal coming, as it does, after years of campaigning. It also wishes to place on record its gratitude to Paul Osborne and Kevin Deanus for the considerable contributions they have made to achieving this outcome.

Details of the proposal, a map of the exclusion zone and how to comment can be found by following the link below. If you wish to take part in the consultation please do so by June 21st, 2024.

Village Signage

Over the years I have noticed that there a little signs for things like the shop or Oakhurst Cottage dotted around the village. Hambledon is quite spread out for a village, and people who don’t know the village wouldn’t know where the shop or church or cricket green are.

So I’ve wondered if it would be more useful, and in keeping with the village to have fingerposts instead. Following the 1964 standardisation, most old-style signs of all shapes and sizes were ripped up and replaced. But a lot of rural areas still have fingerposts, especially Hampshire. (though a personal favourite is Buttermere in the Lake District) As you can see below, Hampshire’s are often only shoulder height, but I’ve made the images below a more standard road sign height.

At the last Parish Council meeting, I presented the idea of placing new metal fingerposts around the Village. Old signs tended to be cast iron, but replacement ones are usually aluminium now. One of the advantages of metal fingerposts is you can have more directions for it to be pointing at, as the writing can be clear smaller. They obviously last longer than timber ones too. 

There is a requirement that signage needs to be a certain distance from a highway, and that may place it on private land. I’ve photoshopped some examples of replacing either existing directional signs, or public footpath ones, to potentially get around that issue. But I have placed in photoshop a couple of examples of new locations too.

Lane End Now
Lane End Proposed
Merry Harriers Proposed
Woodlands Road Top Proposed
Woodlands Road Bottom Proposed
Village Shop Proposed
Woodlands Road Proposed (closeup)

As you can see, the signs may be able to show the existing locations such as Chiddingfold or Dunsfold etc. But we could also add the shop (post office), stations, the Church and the Pub. 

The Parish Council have said they will investigate what is and isn’t allowed on signage, and obviously there’s the hurdle of funding. The council suggested sharing on the website for people to feedback on, I hope you like them. 

Gareth Munro – June 2024

Learn to Save a Life

Did you know that CPR and early defibrillation can double or even triple a person’s chance of survival in an emergency?

Join us for a hands-on training session to equip yourself with the skills to make a difference.

Use of defibrillators and CPR will be covered, and also any other first aid emergencies you might be concerned about. The session is free, but a donation would be appreciated. It is being run by our local NHS Ambulance Volunteers, Guildford and District Community First Responders, who respond to 999 ambulance emergencies to start treatment while the ambulance is on its way.

The session will take place 10:30am Sat 6July in Hambledon Village Hall. It will last about 1.5/2hrs. Please  contact Sarah Stuckey on if you’d like to attend. Include your name and phone number please.

Heath and Wellbeing Event, Chiddingfold Village Hall

Many Hambledon residents are registered at either Chiddingfold Surgery or Witley and Milford Medical Partnership, even more now that the Guildford Rivers Practice in Milford is closing.

Those using Chiddingfold Surgery, or who are interested in community health and welfare services, may be interested in attending a Living Well event on August 7th. Please see the flyer below.

In the meantime, if you are still registered at the Guildford Rivers Practice at Hurst Farm Surgery, Chapel Lane, Milford, you should seek an alternative medical practitioner. Advice on what to do can be found at

Villagers Invited to Trial New On-Demand Bus Service

As Hambledon’s 503 bus service enters its final months of operation, more details have been announced about its on-demand replacement.

Over the past year, Surrey County Council has been rolling out “Surrey Connect”. It will arrive in Godalming in September, when the Hambledon to Milford, Godalming and Guildford timetabled route will cease.

Instead of Hambledon’s scheduled service, which operates just three days a week, passengers can instead request an accessible electric mini-bus to collect them from designated pick-up points in the village to anywhere in the Godalming zone.

It is already available for journeys to and from Cranleigh.

The new service will operate Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm and on Saturdays between 8am and 6pm. Proposed pick-up point include the village shop, Malthouse Lane, Merry Harriers and the Hydestile Crossroads.

This type of bus operation is known as Digital Demand Responsive Transport (DDRT). Passengers need to registered for an account, and then can use either a call centre number, a mobile phone app or go online to book a single or return journey.

All journeys must be within the greater Godalming area (boundaries yet to be announced) with an adult single fare ranging from £2 to £6, depending on the distance travelled. For onward journeys, passengers would need to request a DDRT from a neighbouring zone.

Advance booking is requested and a destination and preferred arrival time provided so that the operators can arrange the journey, which may be shared with others who have booked from nearby locations.

When this service was first announced it was intended that collections would be from individual homes, but this has proved impractical. Instead, agreed collections points, similar to conventional bus stops, will be agreed and Hambledon Parish Council will ask for suggestions and negotiate with Surrey Connect.

In the meantime, Surrey Connect has already arrived in Cranleigh and Hambledon is just inside its zone. If you want to request a journey there to see how it all works you will need to register; either online at, via the App “Surrey Connect” or by ringing 01428 681710 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Members of the parish council will be undertaking some trial journeys to put the new service to the test and would be interested in hearing the experience of other villagers. Please contact to share your experience. Any feedback will be given to Surrey Connect ahead of the introduction of the Godalming zone. Currently, the service is operating locally in Farnham, and parts of Guildford as well as Cranleigh.

Hambledon Parish Council has successfully lobbied in the past for the retention of the 503, operated by Stagecoach but subsidised by Surrey County Council. Its service and passenger numbers have declined over the years and it is now limited to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with just one outward and one return journey.

Surrey Connect represents a big change, but its promoters say that it will open up more flexible public transport compared to the restrictions of traditional rural bus timetables. To find out more please visit

If you take a trial journey to Cranleigh, please let the parish council know how it went. And if you have any suggestions for pick-up points in the village other than those previously mentioned, please let us know.

Annual Parish Assembly This Thursday Night at Village Hall – Please Come Along at 7.30pm

If you care about Hambledon and the many activities and organisations that make such a significant contribution to village life, then please come along on Thursday evening to the annual Parish Assembly.

Hosted by the Parish Council, this is a social occasion as well as an opportunity to hear brief reports from all village groups on how they have fared in the last 12 months.

These range from the village sports clubs, social activities such as Bridge, book club and cycling, through to the volunteer run shop, nursery school, village trust, community fund, website, parish magazine, church and parish council.

The report from St Peter’s church will be particularly pertinent this year as it seeks urgent help in order to maintain weekly services and a vicar living in the village, And, of course, to cater for Hambledon weddings, Christenings and funerals.

And the new owners of the Merry Harriers may even find the time to drop in to update on the recent major refurbishment of our village local. It has been a busy time for Alex Winch, Sam Fiddian-Green and their staff after a three-week closure and the pub is due to re-open tonight (Wednesday April 24) at 5pm for locals and in full tomorrow.

The Parish Assembly is an inclusive and informative occasion, beginning with wine, soft drinks and refreshments from 7.30pm at the Village Hall tomorrow evening (Thursday April 25th) followed by presentations at 8pm. The event is usually concluded by 9.30pm.

All are welcome, and if you have moved to Hambledon in the last 12 months, you are especially so.

  • As is customary, the Assembly is followed on Saturday morning (April 27) by the annual village clean-up, concluding with a parish council hosted barbecue on the green outside the shop at noon. Arrive anytime after 9am to be given bin bags, litter pickers and safety jackets and an allocated area to tidy. This is a fun, family occasion, so please sign up and come along.