Lost dog – Hydons Ball

Friday Night 14th
Our sweet, miniature dachshund, Ferdy, (nearly 2 years old) went missing (Tuesday evening 10th November) from behind the fields, Goffers, London Rd, North Chapel, West Sussex, GU28
There were 2 sightings on Thursday 12th at 8.30 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. on the footpaths between Hambledon Church of St Peter and St Paul, up to Hydon’s Ball, Surrey.
He might be going towards Godstone, Surrey, as he lived there previously.
He’s dark blond, and looks a lot like an autumn leaf, so blends in well to the countryside 😢
Any help would be much appreciated,
Susi Barran
07855776479 or 07801629492 or 07773492091
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Stewart Payne
Stewart Payne
2 months ago

We, too, saw a small brown dachshund, being walked across the field footpath between Hydons Ball and Hambledon Church, but a day earlier. It was at about 11.15am on Wednesday November 11th. We have reported this sighting to the dog’s owner. HOWEVER, we need to sound a note of caution. The dachshund that we saw was in the company of a man and a women, who were walking the dog quite openly along a popular footpath. We cannot recall if the dog was on a lead, but it was certainly under close control and it seemed to be happily in… Read more »