Hambledon Superfast Broadband Survey – Last Chance

nosurfingsignThe survey and Expression of Interest concerning superfast broadband provision in Hambledon will only be available online for a few more days.

The survey can be accessed by clicking here, it only takes a few minutes to complete. We are particularly interested in finding out more about existing broadband speeds in the residences around Rock Hill, Church Lane, Roundals and Vann Lane.

Many thanks to all of those who have already completed the survey.

Reminder – Superfast Broadband Survey

The response from residents to the recently circulated survey regarding Superfast broadband provision has been excellent. But there is still time to respond, if you have not so far done so.

Paper forms can still be returned to the Village Shop or you can complete the form on-line here at the village web site.

The form will take less than a minute to complete and is available by clicking here.

Draft report of Housing Needs Survey, Hambledon, November 2010

This report, by Surrey Community Action’s rural housing enabler, Mona Johannson, was considered by Hambledon Parish Council at its meeting on 11 January 2011.  It is reproduced in full in the Minutes section of the Parish Council pages on the village web site.  The findings suggest that the village could accommodate a second affordable housing scheme.

A shortfall in affordable housing stock throughout Waverley triggered the Parish Council’s decision to commission the survey, which was carried out during September-October last year.  All households in the Parish received a questionnaire:  35 per cent were returned and 72 per cent of respondents favoured a further affordable housing project.  Both  figures are considerably higher than average response, indicating a good level of support for another scheme to complement the development completed in 2001 at Duncombe Cottages. Information provided by households who felt themselves to be in housing need suggested that a second scheme could comprise five one- or two-bed rented units and two two-bed shared ownership units. However, it must be remembered that these are to-day’s figures.  Until such time as units become available some of the needs will have been met elsewhere and not everyone may still be in need. The Parish Council has adopted the report and will now consider possible sites.   Some were suggested by respondents to the questionnaire but if anyone else has any ideas please let the Clerk know.  Mona Johansson will be getting in touch with households who indicated that they might be in housing need to remind them that, if they have not already done so, they should register with Waverley Borough Council (essential for anyone who requires any form of affordable housing). Mona Johansson will remain involved and, depending on progress made with site identification, Waverley and social housing providers will also become involved in the discussions.

Church Graveyard Survey -now online


Hambledon Graveyard Project

In the summer of 2010 three old villagers thought it might be a good idea to research the churchyard at St Peter’s, to re-organise the written records and survey the gravestones before some of the older inscriptions became illegible or disappeared altogether. The aim was to see if family names could be researched (with the help of the internet), and perhaps linked to extant relatives who may not be aware of their antecedents’ burial places.

Two young volunteers, Alex Sehmer and Vicky Grove, took on the work.

The project has successfully tidied up the burial records, and the database is available for anyone engaged in research. It was interesting to note how time-consuming it became when trying to research the genealogy of just one family, let alone 50! However, the records are now ‘alive’ and let’s hope we can keep them up to date!

The detailed survey is available as a Google Doc:Hambledon Surrey Graveyard Survey Document

Webmaster’s note:  Now that this survey is on our website it does greatly increase it’s prominance Worldwide.  The Hambledon website has a good Google ranking and so the lists of names will appear in serches made by family history researchers..


HGV Warnings Signs For Hambledon's Narrow Roads

ImageAdditional road signs warning heavy lorries not to use Hambledon’s narrow lanes are to be erected by Surrey County Council at Milford and Lane End.

The “Unsuitable for HGVs” signs will be placed at the entrance to Station Lane at its junction with Church Road and on the Petworth Road facing traffic approaching from both directions.

The decision to erect the signs follows pressure from Hambledon Parish Council, reflecting the concern of residents that HGVs were using the village as a cut-through.

The majority travel from Milford and, faced with existing HGV signs (pictured) at the Hydestile Crossroads in the Godalming direction, attempt to use Salt Lane or Hambledon Road.

At a site visit, parish councillors told SCC engineers that the existing signs gave the impression that Salt Lane and Hambledon Road were wide enough for HGVs when, in reality, both were as narrow as in the Godalming direction.

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